Past SCOR Working Groups

Review of Past Working Groups

Group Title Chair(s)
WG 1 Radioactivity in the Ocean  
WG 2 Carbon Dioxide in the Ocean  
WG 3 Measurements of the Productivity of the Sea and of the Standing Crops of Phytoplankton and Zooplankton (renamed Biological Production of the Sea)  
WG 4 Physical Properties of Sea Water  
WG 5 International Indian Ocean Expedition  
WG 6 Chemical Oceanography  
WG 7 World Data Centres  
WG 8 Radio-aids to Navigation  
WG 9 Fisheries Oceanography  
WG 10 Oceanographic Tables and Standards (joint with ICES, IAPO, UNESCO; reconstituted as the Joint Panel on Oceanographic Tables and Standards [JPOTS]) J. Gieskes (USA)
WG 11 Atlases Joseph L. Reid, Jr.
WG 12 Abstracts and Bibliographies  
WG 13 Zooplankton Sampling Methods (joint with ICES and UNESCO)  
WG 14 General Scientific Framework  
WG 15 Photosynthetic Radiant Energy (joint with UNESCO and IAPO) John E. Tyler (USA)
WG 16 General Problems of Intercalibration and Standardization  
WG 17 Determination of Photosynthetic Pigments (joint with UNESCO) J. Krey (Germany)
WG 18 Biological Data (joint with ACMRR)  
WG 19 Micropalaeontology of Bottom Sediments (approved in 1965)  
WG 20 Radiocarbon Estimation of Primary Production (approved in 1965; joint with ICES and UNESCO) E. Steemann Nielsen (Denmark)
WG 21 Continuous Current Velocity Measurements  
WG 22 Marine Pollution  
WG 23 Zooplankton Laboratory Methods V. Kr. Hansen (Denmark)
WG 24 Estimation of Primary Production under Special Conditions T.R. Parsons (Canada)
WG 25 Nutrient Chemistry  
WG 26 Implementation of UN Resolution on Resources of the Sea  
WG 27 Tides of the Open Sea  
WG 28 Air-Sea Interaction  
WG 29 Monitoring in Biological Oceanography  
WG 30 Scientific Aspects of International Ocean Research  
WG 31 East Atlantic Continental Margins  
WG 32 Biological Data Inventories  
WG 33 Phytoplankton Methods Karl Banse (USA)
WG 34 Internal Dynamics of the Ocean Allan Robinson (USA)
WG 35 Methods of Quantitative Ecology of Coral Reefs  
WG 36 Coastal Upwelling Processes  
WG 37 Marine Plankton and Sediments  
WG 38 Ocean Processes in the Antarctic  
WG 39 Scientific Investigation of Pollution in the Marine Environment  
WG 40 Palaeo-Oceanography  
WG 41 Morphological Mapping of the Ocean Floor  
WG 42 Pollution of the Baltic Gunnar Kullenberg (Denmark)
WG 43 Oceanography Related to GATE Gerold Siedler (FRG)
WG 44 Ocean-Atmosphere Materials Exchange Roger Chesselet (France)
WG 45 Marine Pollution Research  
WG 46 River Inputs to Ocean Systems J.D. Burton (UK)
WG 47 Oceanographic Programmes During FGGE  
WG 48 The Influence of the Ocean on Climate  
WG 49 Mathematical Modelling of Oceanic Processes  
WG 50 Biological Effects of Ocean Variability  
WG 51 Evaluation of CTD Data James Crease (UK)
WG 52 Estimation of Micro-Nekton Abundance  
WG 53 Evolution of the South Atlantic  
WG 54 Southern Ocean Ecosystems and their Living Resources Sayed Z. El-Sayed (USA)
WG 55 Prediction of El Niño D. Stuart (USA)
WG 56 Equatorial Upwelling Processes H. Rotschi (Ivory Coast)
WG 57 Coastal and Estuarine Regimes J.B. Matthews (USA)
WG 58 Arctic Ocean Heat Budget A. Foldvik (Norway)
WG 59 Mathematical Models in Biological Oceanography  
WG 60 Mangrove Ecosystems  
WG 61 Sedimentation Processes at Continental Margins Ian N. McCave
WG 62 Carbon Budget of the Ocean Edward D. Goldberg (USA)
WG 63 Marine Geochronological Methods  
WG 64 Oceanic Atoll Drilling  
WG 65 Coastal Off-Shore Ecosystems Relationships JJ. Zijlstra (Netherlands)
WG 66 Oceanographic Applications of Drifting Buoys G. Creswell (Australia)
WG 67 Oceanography, Marine Ecology and Living Resources  
WG 68 North Atlantic Circulation F. Schott (USA)
WG 69 Small-Scale Turbulence and Mixing in the Ocean K.N. Federov (USSR)
WG 70 Remote Measurement of the Oceans from Satellites J.F.R. Gower (Canada)
J.R. Apel (USA)
WG 71 Particulate Biogeochemical Processes S. Krishnaswami (India)
WG 72 The Ocean as a Source and Sink for Atmospheric Constituents (formerly WG 44) Meinrat O. Andreae (USA)
WG 73 Ecological Theory in Relation to Biological Oceanography (formerly WG 59) K.H. Mann (Canada)
Trevor Platt (Canada)
WG 74 General Circulation of the Southern Ocean Worth Nowlin (USA)
WG 75 Methodology for Oceanic CO2 Measurements C.S. Wong (Canada)
WG 76 Ecology of the Deep Sea Floor A.L. RIce (UK)
WG 77 Laboratory Tests Related to Basic Physical Measurements at Sea K. Striggow (GDR)
WG 78 Determination of Photosynthetic Pigments in Seawater R.F.C. Mantoura (UK)
WG 79 Variations in Carbon Dioxide and the Carbon Cycle Eric T. Sundquist (USA)
WG 80 Role of Phase Transfer Processes in the Cycling of Trace Metals in Estuaries Michael Whitfield (UK)
WG 81 Deep Water Palaeoceanography Nicolas Shackleton (UK)
WG 82 Polar Deep Sea Palaeoenvironments  
WG 83 Wave Modelling  
WG 84 Hydrothermal Emanations at Plate Boundaries E. Seuss (FRG)
WG 85 Experimental Ecosystems Li Guanguo (China-Beijing)
Timothy R. Parsons (Canada)
WG 86 Ecology of Sea Ice Stephen Ackley (USA)
WG 87 Fine-scale Distribution of Gelatinous Planktonic Animals G.R. Harbison (USA)
WG 88 Intercalibration of Drifting Buoys (formerly WG 66) D. Hansen (USA)
WG 89 Sea Level and Erosion of the World's Coastlines Paul Komar (USA)
WG 90 Chemical and Biological Oceanographic Sensor Technology Dennis J. Mackey (Australia)
WG 91 Chemical Evolution and Origin of Life in Marine Hydrothermal Systems N.G. Holm (Sweden)
WG 92 Ocean/Atmosphere Palaeochemistry Eric T. Sundquist (USA)
WG 93 Pelagic Biogeography Annelies Pierrot-Bults (Netherlands)
WG 94 Altimeter Data and In-situ Current Observations Victor Zlotnicki (USA)
WG 95 Sediment Suspension and Sea Bed Properties Gerhard Graf (Germany)
WG 96 Acoustic Monitoring of the World Ocean David Farmer (Canada)
WG 97 Physiological Ecology of Harmful Algal Blooms Donald Anderson (USA)
WG 98 Worldwide Large-scale Fluctuations of Sardine and Anchovy Populations Daniel Lluch-Belda (Mexico) Robert J.M. Crawford (South Africa)
WG 99 Linked Mass and Energy Fluxes at Ridge Crests Martin Sinha (UK)
WG 100 Sediment Coring for International Global Change Research Nick Pisias (USA)
WG 101 Influence of Sea State on the Atmospheric Drag Coefficient Ian Jones (Australia)
Yoshiaki Toba (Japan)
WG 102 Comparative Salinity and Density of the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean Basins Frank Millero (USA)
WG 103 The Role of Wave Breaking on Upper Ocean Dynamics M.L. Banner (Australia)
WG 104 Coral Reef Responses To Global Change: The Role of Adaptation Robert W. Buddemeier (USA)  
WG 105 The Impact of World Fisheries on the Stability and Biodiversity of Marine Ecosystems Michael Sinclair (Canada)
WG 106 Relative Sea Level and Muddy Coasts of the World Ying Wang (China-Beijing)
WG 107 Improved Global Bathymetry Colin Summerhayes (France)
WG 108 Double Diffusion Yuli Chashechkin (Russia)
Joe Fernando (USA)
WG 109 Biogeochemistry of Iron in Seawater David Turner (Sweden)
Keith Hunter (New Zealand)
WG 110 Intercomparison and Validation of Ocean-Atmosphere Flux Fields Sergey Gulev (Russia)
Peter Taylor (UK)
WG 111 Coupling Waves, Currents, and Winds in Coastal Models Christopher Mooers (USA) Norden Huang (USA)
WG 112 Magnitude of Submarine Groundwater Discharge and its Influence on Coastal Oceanographic Processes Bill Burnett (USA)
Evgeny Kontar (Russia)
WG 113 Evolution of the Asian Monsoon in Marine Records: Comparison Between Indian and East Indian Subsystems Pinxian Wang (China-Beijing)
WG 114 Transport and Reaction in Permeable Marine Sediments Bernard Boudreau (Canada)
Markus Huettel (USA)
WG 115 Standards for the Survey and Analysis of Plankton Ivan Heaney (UK)
WG 116 Sediment Trap and 234Th Methods for Carbon Export Flux Determination Ken Buesseler (USA)
WG 117 Synthesis of Decadal to Millenial Climate Records on the Last 80ky Michael Sarnthein (Germany)
James Kennett (USA)
WG 118 New Technologies for Observing Marine Life David Farmer (USA)
Van Holliday (USA)
WG 119 Quantitative Ecosystem Indicators for Fisheries Management Philippe Cury (France)
Villy Christensen (Canada)
WG 120 Marine Phytoplankton and Global Climate Regulation: The Phaeocystis spp. Cluster as a Model Winfried W.C. Gieskes (Netherlands)
Sauveur Belviso (France)
WG 121 Ocean Mixing Robin Muench (USA)
WG 122 Mechanisms of Sediment Retention in Estuaries Gerardo Perillo (Argentina) James Syvitski (USA)
WG 123 Reconstruction of Past Ocean Circulation Jean Lynch-Stieglitz (USA)
Catherine Kissel (France)
WG 124 Analyzing the Links Between Present Oceanic Processes and Paleo-Records (LINKS) Karin Lochte (Germany)
Marie-Alexandrine Sicre (France)
WG 125 Global Comparisons of Zooplankton Time Series David Mackas (Canada)
Hans Verheye (South Africa)

WG 126 Role of Viruses in Marine Ecosystems Markus Weinbauer (France) Steven Wilhelm (USA)
WG 127 Thermodynamics and Equation of State of Seawater Trevor McDougall (Australia)
WG 128 Natural and Human-Induced Hypoxia and Consequences for Coastal Areas Jing Zhang (China-Beijing) Denis Gilbert (Canada)
WG 129 Deep Ocean Exchanges with the Shelf John Johnson (UK)
Piers Chapman (USA)

WG 130 Automatic Plankton Visual Identification Mark C. Benfield (USA)
Phil Culverhouse  (UK)
WG 131 The Legacy of in situ Iron Enrichment: Data Compilation and Modeling Philip Boyd (New Zealand)
Dorothee Bakker  (UK)
WG 132 Land-based Nutrient Pollution and the Relationship to Harmful Algal Blooms in Coastal Marine Systems (with LOICZ) Patricia Glibert (USA)
Lex Bouwman (Netherlands)
WG 133 OceanScope H. Thomas Rossby (USA) Kuh Kim (Korea)
WG 134 The Microbial Carbon Pump in the Ocean Nianzhi Jiao (China-Beijing) Farooq Azam (USA)
WG 136 Climatic Importance of the Greater Agulhas System (with WCRP and IAPSO) Lisa Beal (USA)
Arne Biastoch (Germany)
WG 137 Patterns of Phytoplankton Dynamics in Coastal Ecosystems: Comparative Analysis of Time Series Observation Hans Paerl (USA)
Kedong Yin (China-Beijing)
WG 140 Biogeochemical Exchange Processes at the Sea-Ice Interfaces (BEPSII)

Jacqueline Stefels (Netherlands)
Nadja Steiner (Canada)