SCOR Working Group 24

Estimation of Primary Production under Special Conditions

T.R. Parsons (Canada)
Other Full Members
S. Ichimura (Japan), O. Koblentz-Mishke (USSR), S.Z. Qasim (India), and P.D.V. Savage (UK)
Terms of Reference
  1. To review and suggest methods for estimating primary production under special conditions, such as those found beneath the polar ice, and the turbid conditions found in estuaries, heavily polluted waters and exceptionally eutrophic or oligotrophic waters..

Financial Sponsors
  1. 30 July-1 August 1968 in Southampton, UK

  2. 9-12 November 1970 in Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada

  • Qasim, S.Z., P.M.A. Bhattathiri, and V.P. Devassy. 1972. Some problems related to the measurements using radiocarbon technique. Internationale Revue der gesamten Hydrobiologie und Hydrographie 57(4):535–549.

  • Report of 1968 Meeting