SCOR Working Group 95

Sediment Suspension and Sea Bed Properties

Gerhard Graf (Germany)
Other Full Members
Robert Aller (USA), T.H. Blackburn (Denmark), Bernard P. Boudreau (Canada), T. Brattegard (Norway), F. Nyffeler (Switzerland), R. Rosenberg (Sweden), Michiel Rutgers van der Loeff (Germany), S. Wainwright (USA), and Evgeny Kontar (Russia)
Terms of Reference
  1. To review and summarize the information available on the changes that occur to suspended material in the region of resuspension close to the sea bed.

  2. To identify the conflicts shown by the data and propose approaches for their resolution.

  3. To assess the impact of these processes and changes on the properties of the sea bed.

  4. To prepare and convene a symposium to present the working group’s results and current research in the field.

Financial Sponsors
  • Graf, G. (ed.). 1997. Sediment Suspension and Sea Bed Properties. Journal of Marine Systems 11:267.