SCOR Working Group 75

Methodology for Oceanic CO2 Measurements

See also, SCOR Ocean Carbon Working Groups.

C.S. Wong (Canada)
Other Full Members
Peter Brewer (USA), Roger Chesselet (France), G. Cresswell (Australia), Charles David Keeling (USA), G. Lambert (France), K.O. Munnich (FRG), A. Poisson (France), and Y. Sugimura (Japan)
Associate Members
A. Disteche (Belgium)
Terms of Reference
  1. The group will discuss and summarize the state-of-the-art knowledge of CO2 absorbing capacity of the ocean in order to come up with the best strategy for CO2 monitoring in the world ocean. The scope of the review will cover the following topics:

    • Scientific requirements of ocean CO2 monitoring, its signal/noise/time-scale problem as affected by variabilities of atmospheric and oceanic processes, and the scientific basis for selection of CO2 monitoring parameters.
    • Technical requirements of ocean CO2 monitoring and problems related to tools and logistics:
      • network of platforms; islands, ships of opportunity, oceanographic cruises and buoys;
      • ocean CO2 standards for data quality control and compatibility of measurements, especially for long-term time series;
      • supporting oceanographic and atmospheric data to assist interpretation of ocean CO2 monitoring data; data archiving and distribution format.
    • Existing scientific capacity and future requirements to carry out the best strategy for an international CO2 monitoring programme.
Financial Sponsors
  1. Hamburg, Germany, 1983

  2. Lake Arrowhead, California, USA, 1984

  3. Les Houches, France, 1985

  4. 11-14 October 1988 in Woods Hole, Massachusetts, USA