SCOR Working Group 107

Improved Global Bathymetry

Colin Summerhayes (France)
Other Full Members
Philippe Blondel (UK), Albert Gouveia (India), Peter Hunter (UK), Chris Johnston (Australia), Kazuo Kobayashi (Japan), Ron Macnab (Canada), Christian Le Provost (France), Bert Semtner (USA), Walter Smith (USA), Hans-Werner Schenke (Germany), and Gleb Udintsev (Russia)
Associate Members
Christian Andreasen (USA), John Hall (Israel), Peter Killworth (UK), Anthony Laughton (UK), and Guy Pautot (France)
Terms of Reference
  1. To establish the scientific needs for improved ocean bathymetry.

  2. To determine the specifications for accuracy and resolution in different areas.

  3. To recommend actions and priorities.

Financial Sponsors
SCOR, U.S. National Science Foundation