SCOR Working Group 81

Deep Water Palaeoceanography

N. Shackleton (UK)
Other Full Members
Edward Boyle (USA), J.C. Duplessy (France), A.P. Lisitzin (USSR), G.P. Lohmann (USA), Michael Sarnthein (FRG), J. Sundermann (FRG), J. Reid (USA), Pinxian Wang (China-Beijing), and Thomas Pedersen (Canada)
Terms of Reference
  1. To stimulate interaction between physical and chemical oceanographers, and marine geologists, with a view to identifying the critical areas for more detailed investigation.

  2. To evaluate geologically determined boundary conditions for past ocean states, and to ascertain which boundary conditions should be better determined in order to improve the modelling of past ocean deep water circulation.

  3. To focus attention on deep water palaeoceanography in the geologically recent past so as to interface with, and add a time dimension to, the data obtained in the GEOSECS programme.

  4. To identify which chemical oceanographic data are at present inadequate for palaeoceanographic purposes, and to promote the acquisition of better data in these areas.

  5. To organize a session on deep water palaeoceanography at the Second International Paleoceanography meeting which is planned for 1986 in Woods Hole.

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