SCOR Working Group 61

Sedimentation Processes at Continental Margins

I.N. McCave (UK)
Other Full Members
F. Sternberg (USA), Charles D. Hollister (USA), C.C. von der Borch (Australia), Kenneth J. Hsü (Switzerland), F. Werner (FRG), G. Almagor (Israel), D. Piper (Canada), John D. Milliman (USA), and D.J. Stanley (USA)
Terms of Reference
  1. To review existing knowledge of sedimentation processes at continental slopes and margins.

  2. To recommend long-term measurement devices for currents, turbidity, accumulation rates and other relevant parameters.

  3. To recommend coordinated quantitative determinations of suspended and accumulated materials.

  4. To define a few experiments in key areas on both eastern and western sides of oceans.

Financial Sponsors
  • Final Report – pp. 52-56 of SCOR Proceedings, Vol. 19 (1983)