SCOR Working Group 143

Dissolved N2O and CH4 measurements: Working towards a global network of ocean time series measurements of N2O and CH4

Herman Bange (Germany) and Sam Wilson (USA)
Other Full Members
Mercedes de la Paz Arándiga (Spain), Laura Farias (Chile), Cliff Law (New Zealand), Wajih Naqvi (India), Gregor Rehder (Germany), Philippe Tortell (Canada), Rob Upstill-Goddard (UK), and Guiling Zhang (China-Beijing)
Associate Members
John Bullister (USA), Jan Kaiser (UK), Annette Kock (Germany), Sunyoung Park (Korea), Andy Rees (UK), and Alyson Santoro (USA)
Patricia Miloslavich
Terms of Reference
  1. Establish the analytical reporting procedures to be used for N2O and CH4

  2. Adopt an appropriate standard to be used by the scientific community

  3. Conduct an intercalibration exercise between the time series programs

  4. Host at least two international meetings

  5. Establish framework for an N2O/CH4 ocean time-series network

  6. Write a global oceanic N2O/CH4 summary paper for publication in Annual Review of Marine Science or an equivalent journal.

November 2013
Financial Sponsors
  1. 21 February 2014, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA

  2. 4 September 2015, Kiel, Germany

  3. 11 February 2018, Portland, Oregon, USA

  4. 28-31 October 2018 – Workshop on Oceanic Methane and Nitrous Oxide at Lake Arrowhead, California

  5. 18 February 2020, San Diego, California, USA

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