SCOR Executive Committee 2022-2024


The terms of office of the President and Secretary are four years each and they are not eligible for re-election for a consecutive term. The terms of office of the Vice-Presidents are two years and they are eligible for re-election, providing that not more than two terms of office are served consecutively. One of the responsibilities of Executive Committee members is to serve as reporters for SCOR activities, liaisons between SCOR’s working groups, committee, panels and the Executive Committee.

President, Sinjae Yoo (Korea)
Secretary, Peter Croot (Ireland)
Past President, Marie Alexandrine Sicre (France)
Vice-Presidents Stefano Aliani (Italy), Bradley Moran (USA), Ilka Peeken (Germany)

Ex-Officio Members

Ex-officio members of the SCOR Executive Committee are the presidents of each affiliated organization, or his or her designate.

IABO, Judith Gobin
IAMAS, Andrea Flossmann
IAPSO, Hans van Haren

Co-Opted Members

The Executive Committee may co-opt up to two additional members, for a period not exceeding four years, to undertake specific responsibilities. Co-opted members may also be selected to improve the breadth and balance of the Executive Committee in terms of expertise, geography, and gender.

Wee Cheah, Malaysia