Responsibilities of SCOR Executive Committee Reporters

Each SCOR activity is assigned a Reporter from the SCOR Executive Committee. It is the responsibility of activity chairs to keep the Reporter informed of the group’s progress between the annual written reports. The best approach is to include the Reporter in all emails that are sent to the entire working group, committee, or panel. The responsibility of the Reporter is to be knowledgeable enough about their assigned group(s) to be able to report about the group at the annual SCOR meeting and to advise SCOR on the appropriate actions to be taken in relation to any requests from the group. The Reporter should be some combination of advocate for the group to SCOR, and advocate for SCOR to the group, and should be able to alert SCOR if problems arise or the groups under their purview have any special needs. Whenever possible, reporters are assigned so that their area of expertise aligns with the group’s general topic, but avoiding any obvious conflicts of interest.

SCOR does not allocate funds for Reporters to attend the activities of their assigned groups, but they can do so with non-SCOR funds, which they may want to do if the group is in their areas of interest and/or they are in the location of the group meeting for some other purpose.

The Executive Committee Reporter for each working group is listed at