SCOR and the UN Ocean Decade

SCOR WG 162 OASIS – UN Ocean Decade Endorsed Project
Aimed at developing an Observing Air-Sea Interactions Strategy

SCOR Research Project GEOTRACES – UN Ocean Decade Contribution
Focused on marine biogeochemical cycles and distribution of trace elements and their isotopes

SCOR WG 159 DeepSeaDecade
Aimed at developing a global plan for survey/sampling deep-sea ecosystems to underpin deep-sea research is a key contributor to the UN Ocean Decade endorsed programme Challenger 150 – A Decade to Study Deep-Sea Life

SCOR Infrastructural Project IOCCP – International Ocean Carbon Coordination Project
Key contributor to five UN Ocean Decade endorsed programmes related to ocean observations, oxygen and acidification (e.g. Global Ocean Oxygen Decade, Ocean Acidification Research for Sustainability)

SCOR Infrastructural Project SOOS – Southern Ocean Observing System
Southern Ocean Action Plan for the Decade : An initial roadmap to strengthen links between science, industry and policy, and encourage internationally collaborative activities to address existing knowledge and data gaps.

SCOR Research project IMBeR – Integrated Marine Biosphere Research (IMBeR)
IMBeR  ClimEco 7 (2021) – UN Ocean Decade endorsed activityIMBeR Climate and Ecosystems Summer School

SCOR WG #157 MetaZooGene – an endorsed action attached to the Marine Life 2030 – UN Ocean Decade project
Metabarcoding zooplankton diversity

SCOR research projects IMBeR and SOLAS (Surface Ocean Lower Atmosphere Studies) – Contributing to Ocean Negative Carbon Emissions (ONCE) UN Ocean Decade Project
Other lead partners with IMBeR and SOLAS are ICES, PICES and WCRP.


To be proposed or seeking endorsement:

SCOR WG 153 FLOTSAM on floating litter – working together with GOOS, Copernicus and other organisations toward a global observing system for debris (IMDOS) – to be proposed as a UN Ocean Decade programme

International Indian Ocean Expedition II – seeking endorsement