Sinjae Yoo, Korea

Vice-President (2018-2020)

Sinjae Yoo is a research scientist with KIOST (Korea Institute of Ocean Science and Technology) and is based in Jeju, Korea. He is also a professor at Korea Maritime and Ocean University. Sinjae received his B.S. and M.S. in oceanography from the Seoul National University, and his Ph.D. in ecology and evolution from the State University of New York at Stony Brook. His scientific interests include dynamics of primary production and phytoplankton community in various marine environments. He has written numerous peer-reviewed publications on environmental control of phytoplankton dynamics and photosynthetic properties in the marginal seas of the northwest Pacific, North Pacific, and Southern oceans. Sinjae has been working for international research projects including the Yellow Sea Large Marine Ecosystem. He served on the advisory committee for Korea Science and Engineering Foundation. He has been involved with international programs/organizations such as IMBER and PICES. He was also a panel member of IOCCG and Coastal-GOOS. For PICES, he served as Chairman of the Science Board.