SCOR Working Group 96

Acoustic Monitoring of the World Ocean

David Farmer (Canada)
Other Full Members
L. Bjorno (Denmark), GeoffBrundrit (South Africa), Yves Desaubies (France), N. Dubrovsky (Russia), A. Forbes (USA), H. Hurlburt (USA), Walter Munk (USA), Iwao Nakano (Japan), M. Slavinsky (Russia), and Renhe Zhang (China-Beijing)
Associate Members
V. Akulkichev (Russia), Arthur Baggeroer (USA), L. Brejhovskikh (Russia), Guan Dinghua (China-Beijing), Z. Klusek (Poland), and A. Voronovich (Russia)
Terms of Reference
  1. To study the existing methods of large-scale acoustic tomography of the ocean and identify those which can benefit from international collaboration.

  2. To evaluate the opportunities for international collaboration in the use of acoustic techniques for monitoring global climate change in the ocean.

  3. To assess other methods and theories relating to investigation of the ocean by means of observations of sound propagation over long distances.

  4. To prepare a report to SCOR on the scientific prospects for large-scale acoustic tomography.

Financial Sponsors
  1. Summary, Plans and Recommendations. 10 June 1992