SCOR Working Group 84

Hydrothermal Emanations at Plate Boundaries

E. Seuss (FRG)
Other Full Members
J. Bolegue (France), A.C. Campbell (USA), John Delaney (USA), P. Dietrich (GDR), H. Jannasch (USA), Christopher I. Measures (USA), R. Hallberg (Sweden), H. Sakai (Japan), G. Westbrook (UK), H. Villinger (FRG), and L.P. Zonenshain (USSR)
Terms of Reference
  1. To review existing knowledge on mid-ocean ridge processes and subduction zone venting.

  2. To establish an estimate of the global water and dissolved mass fluxes during tectonic accretion.

  3. To develop criteria for recognizing and differentiating subduction-induced hydrothermal processes and spreading-induced processes in the ancient geologic record.

  4. To assess the importance of both types of hydrothermal fluxes on the global geochemical budget.

  5. To recommend novel techniques and approaches for studying these processes at plate boundaries.

1986 (Disbanded: 1990)
Financial Sponsors
  1. May 1989 in Kiel, Germany