SCOR Working Group 42

Pollution of the Baltic

Initially I. Hela, succeeded by Gunnar Kullenberg (Denmark)
Other Full Members
H. Ackefors (Sweden), A. Aitsam (USSR), E. Andrulewicz (Poland), B. Bolin (Sweden), H.J. Brosin (GDR), B.I. Dybern (Sweden), K. Kremling (FRG), J. Lassig (Finland), A. Lindquist (Sweden), T. Melvasalo (Finland), A. Nielsen (Denmark), N. Norström (Sweden), G. Okotolowicz (Poland), G. Otterlind (Sweden), A. Svansson (Sweden), P. Tulkki (Finland), A. Voipio (Finland), G. Weichart (FRG), and L. Zmudzinski (Poland)
Terms of Reference
  1. Identify, from the point of view of pollution, the need for appropriate scientific studies in the Baltic.

  2. When so decided by ICES and SCOR, coordinate scientific activities in the Baltic.

  3. Undertake such tasks as ICES and SCOR may decide from time to time.

  4. Make proposals to ICES and to SCOR on matters on which the Working Group feels these organizations should take action.

  5. Report to ICES and to SCOR on the progress and results of its work.

Financial Sponsors
Affiliated Organization
  1. 3-5 May 1972 in Lund, Sweden

  2. 30 September 1972 in Copenhagen, Denmark

  3. 28-29 June 1973, in Kiel, FRG
  4. 16-17 May 1974 in Charlottenlund, Denmark

  5. 18-19 June 1975 in Charlottenlund, Denmark
  6. 5-7 May 1976 in Tallinn, Estonia

  7. 21 January 1977 in Copenhagen, Denmark
  8. 27-28 April 1978 in Rostock, GDR