SCOR Working Group 87

Fine-Scale Distribution of Gelatinous Planktonic Animals

G.R. Harbison (USA)
Other Full Members
Alice Alldredge (USA), William Hamner (USA), P. Laval (France), Lawrence P. Madin (USA), M. Omori (Japan), P.R. Pugh (UK), M. Spindler (FRG), and N.E. Swanberg (Norway)
Terms of Reference
  1. To assess the scales over which directed sampling methods can yield useful results

  2. To suggest practical improvements in the methodology of directed sampling techniques, particularly with regard to standardization.

  3. To assess how fine-scale biological layering affects the results of sampling biota at larger scales using conventional sampling techniques.

1986 - The group never met and was disbanded in 1990
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