SCOR Working Group 117

Synthesis of Decadal to Millennial Climate Records of the Past 80ky

Michael Sarnthein (Germany) and James Kennett (USA)
Other Full Members
Zhisheng An (China-Beijing), Ed Boyle (USA), S. Johnsen (Denmark), Carlo Laj (France), Jeorg Negendank (Germany), Rengaswami Ramesh (India), and Nick Shackleton (UK)
Associate Members
Judy Allen (UK), Juerg Beer (Germany), Michael Bender (USA), John Chappell (Australia), Pieter Grootes (Germany), Jerry McManus (USA), Thomas Stocker (Switzerland), and Ryuji Tada (Japan)
Terms of Reference
  1. To establish the record of short-term climatic events in marine sediments, recorded by proxies of isotopic, elemental, paleontological, sedimentological, and magnetic properties.

  2. To evaluate the dating of the various records involving assessment of (a) spatial and temporal variability in 14C production rate and reservoir ages, and (b) errors associated with 230Th ages. Estimates of both precision and accuracy must be made for all methods and dates proposed. Marine records must be correlated (a) among themselves and (b) with ice-core and other (e.g., coral, varve, loess) records of climate change.

  3. To develop better understanding of telecommunication processes on sub-orbital time scales through frequency analysis of robust cyclicities to determine leads and lags.

Financial Sponsors
SCOR, IMAGES, U.S. National Science Foundation
  1. 23-27 May 2001 in Santa Barbara, California, USA

  • M. Sarnthein and J.P. Kennett (eds.). 2002. Decadal-to-Millennial-Scale Climate Variability. Quaternary Science Reviews 21(10):1117-1280.