SCOR Working Group 103

The Role of Wave Breaking on Upper Ocean Dynamics

M.L. Banner (Australia)
Other Full Members
M.A. Donelan (USA), V. Kudryavstev (Ukraine), W. Ken Melville (USA), Owen M. Phillips (USA), S.J. Thorpe (UK), and Y. Toba (Japan)
Terms of Reference
  1. To hold a workshop to review the present status of our knowledge of wave breaking on the wind-driven sea surface and quantification of its dynamical implications for upper ocean dynamics.

  2. To examine the implications of existing and modelling and observation data, and formulate strategies for future incisive modelling and experiments.

  3. To prepare an authoritative report to SCOR on the status of our present understanding of wave breaking and its importance on upper ocean processes, and a projection of the needs for future theoretical and observational research directions on breaking ocean waves.

Financial Sponsors
  1. 22-23 July 1995 in Heidelberg, Germany

  2. 11-15 January 1999 in Sydney, Australia