SCOR Working Group 108

Double Diffusion

Yuli Chashechkin (Russia) and Joe Fernando (USA)
Other Full Members
Ann Gargett (USA), Eric Kunze (USA), Paul F. Linden (UK), Trevor J. McDougall (Australia), Barry Ruddick (Canada), Raymond Schmitt (USA), Josef Tanny (Israel), and Jiro Yoshida (Japan)
Associate Members
Lev N. Karlin (Russia) and Emin Ozsoy (Turkey)
Terms of Reference
  1. Analysis of identification criteria of the double diffusive convection, rules of choice for main parameters and methods of their measurements in a laboratory and in the real ocean.

  2. Comparison of mathematical (analytical and numerical) models of double diffusive convection with data available from laboratory and field investigations directed to searching recommendation for extrapolation of laboratory data to natural conditions.

Financial Sponsors
SCOR, U.S. National Science Foundation
  • Double Diffusion in Oceanography – Special Issue of Progress in Oceanography, Volume 56, Issues 3-4, Pages 381-570 (March 2003)