SCOR Working Group 111

Coupling Waves, Currents, and Winds in Coastal Models

Christopher Mooers (USA) and Norden Huang (USA)
Other Full Members
Peter Craig (Australia), Kristofer Döös (Sweden), Roger Flather (UK), Vladimir Gryanick (Russia), Wolfgang Rosenthal (Germany), Satish Shetye (India), and Yeli Yuan (China-Beijing)
Associate Members
John Allen (USA), Michael Banner (Australia), Jurjen Battjes (The Netherlands), Carlos Garcia (Brazil), I.A. Maiza (Egypt), Eloi Melo (Brazil), and Yoshiaki Toba (Japan)
Terms of Reference
  1. To review the present status of our knowledge on each component of coastal dynamics: coastal wave models, coastal circulation models, and the coastal atmospheric boundary layer models.

  2. To examine the existing coastal circulation and wave data from both conventional and remotely sensed sources to detect possible weaknesses of uncoupled models, and to address the issues of a coupled model.

  3. To build and strengthen a collaborative research effort on a coupled coastal dynamics model, between wave, circulation, and coastal meteorology modelers, both among the members of the Working Group and with other existing groups.

  4. To estimate the contribution of coastal waters in heat exchange between the atmosphere and the ocean, which has importance for global modeling and climate studies.

  5. To prepare a final report summarizing the present status of our knowledge, recommending future research and observational studies of the coastal regions.

Financial Sponsors
U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration, U.S. Minerals Management Service, SCOR
  1. 6-11 April 2001 in Miami, Florida, USA


  2. 16-19 November 2002 in Goa, India