SCOR Working Group 99

Linked Mass and Energy Fluxes at Ridge Crests

Martin Sinha (UK)
Other Full Members
H. Bougault (France), John Delaney (USA), P. Einarsson (Iceland), H. Fujimoto (Japan), Nils Holm (Sweden), Charles Langmuir (USA), D. Needham (France), A. Schreider (Russia), and Kim Juniper (Canada)
Terms of Reference
  1. To assess which portions of the global ridge system are particularly well-suited for in-depth studies, through a review of information on both well-known portions of the ridge and areas that are less well known but appear to have potential for future multidisciplinary work.

  2. To identify the approaches required to address quantitatively the interplay among the important variables involved in oceanic crustal accretion.

  3. To assess possible water-column investigations aimed at evaluating the consequences of hydrothermal venting for ocean physics and chemistry.

  4. To consider the scientific, technological, and organizational foundation necessary to accomplish the goals cited in the first three terms of reference.

  5. To prepare a report to SCOR on scientific prospects for a long-term programme leading to quantification and modelling of the global spreading-centre system.

  6. To prepare and convene a SCOR symposium to present the working group’s results and current research in the field.

Financial Sponsors
SCOR, NSF, InterRidge
  1. 18-19 September 1996