SCOR Working Group 121

Ocean Mixing

Robin Muench (USA)
Other Full Members
Hans Burchard (Germany), Chris Garrett (Canada), Toshiyuki Hibiya (Japan), Peter Killworth (UK), Trevor J. McDougall (Australia), Eugene Morozov (Russia), David Salas de Leon (Mexico), Anders Stigebrandt (Sweden), and Louis St. Laurent (USA)
Associate Members
Sybren Drijfhout (The Netherlands), Ann Gargett (USA), Theo Gerkema (France), Sonya Legg (USA), Jennifer MacKinnon (USA), Mark Merrifield (USA), Rob Pinkel (USA), Fangli Qiao (China-Beijing), Barry Ruddick (Canada), and Anne Marie Treguier (France)
Terms of Reference
  1. Summarize past results, including analyses of historical field data, concerning the sources for, and geographical distribution of, mixing in the deep-ocean basins. In light of recent results, tidally driven mixing mechanisms will be emphasized.

  2. Assess, within the established observational and theoretical context, those difficulties involved with parameterization of mixing in numerical ocean GCMs.

  3. Assess what more should be done by further observational programs or improved observational techniques to fill gaps in understanding essential to provide useful information for modeling the effects of deep-ocean mixing, including the potential to detect deep-ocean mixing through remote sensing and tracer techniques.

  4. Produce a comprehensive, published final report incorporating appropriate results from the above topics.

October 2002
Financial Sponsors
SCOR, U.S. National Science Foundation
  1. 5-6 July 2003 in Sapporo, Japan

  2. 11-14 October 2004 in Victoria, B.C., Canada — Symposium on Ocean Mixing