SCOR Working Group 113

Evolution of the Asian Monsoon in Marine Records: Comparison Between Indian and East Asian Subsystems

Pinxian Wang (China-Beijing)
Other Full Members
Luc Beaufort (France), Steven Clemens (USA), Gerald Ganssen (Netherlands), J. Grimalt (Spain), Peter Kershaw (Australia), John Kutzbach (USA), R. Ramesh (India) Yoshi Saito (Japan), and Michael Sarnthein (Germany)
Terms of Reference
  1. To review the present status of our knowledge of Indian and East Asian monsoon evolution, to define similarities and differences in their histories based on records developed to date.

  2. To define the key climate proxies necessary for effective comparison of the two subsystems in their evolution over different time scales in response to tectonics, orbital forcing, and ocean circulation.

  3. To provide recommendations for the East Asian monsoon studies on the basis of experience from the Indian Ocean.

  4. To propose a cooperative research effort in the region through various agencies and programs such as IMAGES and ODP, in order to promote and coordinate paleo-monsoon studies, including organization of an international symposium, preparation of a paleomonsoon volume, and new ODP/IMAGES cruise proposals.

  5. To prepare a final report within four years.

Financial Sponsors
U.S. National Science Foundation, IMAGES, SCOR
  1. 7-11 May 2001 in Beijing, China

  2. 2-4 September 2002 in Aix-en-Provence, France

  • Asian Monsoons and Global Linkages on Milankovitch and Sub-Milankovitch Time Scales” – Special issue of Marine Geology, Volume 201, Issues 1-3, Pages 1-250 (30 September 2003)

  • Wang, P. et al. 2005. Evolution and variability of the Asian monsoon system: State of the art and outstanding issues. Quaternary Science Reviews 24:595-629