SCOR Working Group 89

Sea Level and Erosion of the World’s Coastlines

Paul Komar (USA)
Other Full Members
M. Baba (India), R. Dean (USA), K. Dyer (UK), Terry Healy (New Zealand), N. Lanfredi (Argentina), and J. Terwindt (Netherlands)
Associate Members
Ying Wang (China-Beijing)
Terms of Reference
  1. To examine the applicability of the existing models for prediction of coastal erosion dependent upon sea level rise, and formulate a programme of investigations for their verification or rejection.

  2. To evaluate differences between short- and long-term sea level rises on beach erosion

  3. To recommend strategies for monitoring programmes on coastal erosion for coastlines which lack a data base.

  4. To produce a report for SCOR which addresses these questions.

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