SCOR Working Group 132

Land-based Nutrient Pollution and the Relationship to Harmful Algal Blooms in Coastal Marine Systems (with LOICZ)

Patricia Glibert (USA) and Lex Bouwman (Netherlands)
Other Full Members
Adnan Al-Azri (Oman), J. Icarus Allen (UK), Hans Dürr (The Netherlands), Paul Harrison (China-Beijing), Jorge A. Herrera-Silveira (Mexico), Sandor Mulsow (Chile), Sybil Seitzinger (USA), and Mingjiang Zhou (China-Beijing)
Associate Members
Arthur Beusen (Netherlands), Richard Gowen (UK), and Rencheng Yu (China-Beijing)
Terms of Reference
  1. Integrate the existing IOC-HAB database and nutrient loading databases into a compatible GIS format.

  2. Advance the development of a GIS coastal typology database.

  3. Interrogate the above databases for relationships between HAB species, nutrient loading/forms/ratios, and coastal typology and develop broad relationships between nutrient loading and distributions of specific HABs.

  4. Explore possible changes in HAB occurrences in the future (year 2030), using the relationships developed above (#3) and global nutrient export patterns under the Millennium Assessment scenarios for 2030.

  5. Publish the results of these analyses in peer-reviewed scientific journals. Papers will be developed on 1) the global perspective, including the next generation of global nutrient and HAB maps; 2) regional highlights; and 3) individual case studies.  We will also develop  articles for the GEOHAB newsletter and for the GEOHAB and Global News websites, and a graphic-rich report (under the GEOHAB umbrella) that will be targeted for management.

August 2007
Financial Sponsors
  1. 28-31 July 2008 in Geesthacht, Germany

  2. 13-16 October 2009 in Beijing, China

  3. 25-29 October 2010 in Crete, Greece