SCOR Working Group 43

Oceanography Related to GATE

Gerold Siedler (FRG)
Other Full Members
V.A. Burkov (USSR), W. Düing (USA), I. Galindo (Mexico), J. Gonella (France), C. Mann (IOC), G.T. Needler (Canada), F. Ostapoff (USA), M. Sturm (GDR), and J.D. Woods (UK)
Terms of Reference
  1. To develop plans for an oceanographic program to be associated with the GARP Atlantic Tropical Experiment and to facilitate its implementation and coordination in cooperation with ISMG and IODE.

Financial Sponsors
  1. 5-10 February 1973 in Miami, Florida, USA

  2. 4-8 June 1973 in London, UK