SCOR Working Group 33

Phytoplankton Methods

Karl Banse (USA)
Other Full Members
M. Bernhard (Italy), Richard W. Eppley (USA), G.R. Hasle (Norway), R. Marumo (Japan), G.A. Robinson (UK), H.J. Semina (USSR), and Theodore J. Smayda (USA)
Terms of Reference
  1. To review the methods now used for quantitative phytoplankton studies (exclusive of pigment and other chemical methods).

  2. To select the most satisfactory methods for various purposes, such as the description of species composition of communities, studies of special components, and biomass estimation.

  3. For the selected methods, to recommend detailed procedures for sample collection, preservation, and laboratory examination.

  4. To prepare a report that might serve as the basis for a manual, including references to literature on taxonomy of the main groups and on methods for using quantitative phytoplankton data in ecological studies.

January 1969
Financial Sponsors
  1. 1-3 December 1970 in Kingston, Rhode Island, USA