SCOR Working Group 94

Altimeter Data and In-situ Current Observations

V. Zlotnicki (USA)
Other Full Members
J. Church (Australia), M. Grundlingh (South Africa), K. Heywood (UK), M. Ikeda (Canada), S. Imawaki (Japan), T. Joyce (USA), O. Mamayev (USSR), J. Pacaut (France), and D. Stammer (Germany)
Associate Members
J.F. Minster (France)
Terms of Reference
  1. To review the methods of altimeter and in-situ data intercomparisons, and assess the more promising paths.

  2. To review the usefulness of existing altimeter data sets for this goal.

  3. To identify model requirements for determining currents from altimeter data.

  4. To identify problems in this context requiring further study and international collaboration

  5. To prepare a summary report of the results

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