SCOR Working Group 133


H. Thomas Rossby (USA) and Kuh Kim (Korea)
Other Full Members
Peter Hinchliffe (UK), David Hydes (UK), Markku Kanerva (Finland), Peter Ortner (USA), P.C. Reid (UK), Ute Schuster (UK), Fred Soons (Netherlands), Javier Valladares (Argentina), and Yasuo Yoshimura (Japan)
Associate Members
Richard Burt (UK), Jim Churnside (USA), Joe Cox (USA), Rich Findley (USA), Charles Flagg (USA), Arnold Furlong (Canada), Boris Kelly-Gerreyn (UK), Robert Luke (USA), Beverly Mackensie (UK), Jerry Mullison (USA), Glenn Pezzoli (USA), Steve Piotrowicz (USA), Wolfgang Schlegel (Germany), Corinna Schrum (Norway), Peter Sigray (Sweden), and Denise Smythe-Wright (UK)
Terms of Reference
  1. Identify ocean observations and scientific needs with respect to parameters and geographic location.

  2. Given these needs, identify and prioritize marine routes for sustained ocean observations

  3. Classify and identify commercial vessel types suitable for sustained observations

  4. Identify available technologies that can enhance vessel capability for ocean observations

  5. Identify and prioritize instrument needs to meet future mission requirements

  6. Identify and develop procedures (hardware and software) to meet communications needs

  7. Develop procedures and algorithms for managing data flow, handling, and archival.  Address related issues of data ownership (e.g., when routes occur within national Exclusive Economic Zones), data availability and data dissemination.  In general, the expectation is that data would be made freely and widely available to all interested users.

  8. Address what kind(s) of organizational structure(s) will best serve to initiate, implement, and sustain an integrated international merchant marine-based ocean observation program, linked closely to existing ocean observing systems and programs with access to appropriate and sufficient long-term funding sources (e.g., an “Ocean (or Interior) Space Center”)

October 2008
Financial Sponsors
  1. 17-19 July 2009 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada

  2. 12-14 April 2010 in London, UK