SCOR Working Group 105

The Impact of World Fisheries Harvests on the Stability and Diversity of Marine Ecosystems

Michael Sinclair (Canada)
Other Full Members
Gabriella Bianchi (Norway), Philippe Cury (France), Henrik Gislason (Denmark), Steve Hall (Australia), John McManus (Philippines), Daniel Pauly (Canada), Renato Quinones (Chile), Chris Reid (UK), and Keith Sainsbury (Australia)
Associate Members
Tundi Agardy (USA), Ragnar Arnason (Iceland), Steve Blaber (Australia), Villy Christensen (Canada), Andrew Constable (Australia), Neils Daan (Netherlands), Bill de la Mare (Australia), Alain Fonteneau (France), John Harwood (UK), Tony Koslow (Australia), Evelyn Meltzer (Canada), Liana Talaue-McManus (Philippines), Steve Murawski (USA), John Pope (UK), Howard Powles (Canada), Jake Rice (Canada), Kathy Richardson (Denmark), Tony Smith (Australia), John Stevens (Australia), P.A.M. Stewart (UK), Kevin Stokes (UK), Rashid Sumaila (Canada), Mark Tasker (UK), and Chang IK Zhang (Korea)
Terms of Reference
  1. Assess the current state of knowledge of ecosystem and food web dynamics, including numerical modeling tools, that would enable the investigation of the ecosystem effects of

    • “overfishing”, with particular respect to its definition and its quantitative impacts
    • “bycatch”
    • effects of fishing on habitat in relation to the impact of natural processes
  2. Sponsor a symposium on the topic and publish proceedings that summarize the state of knowledge and identify areas for future research and development

Financial Sponsors
  1. 5-7 November 1996: First Meeting of WG, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

  2. 27-29 January 1998: Second Meeting of WG, Hobart, Australia

  3. 16-19 March 1999: Symposium on Ecosystem Effects of Fishing, Montpellier, France.