SCOR Working Group 21

Continuous Current Velocity Measurements

J.C. Swallow
Other Full Members
K.A. Chekotillo, N.P. Fofonoff, T. Kvinge, B. Shekhvatov, G. Siedler, and F. Webster
Terms of Reference
  1. To design, and propose means for carrying out an intercom2arison at sea of the principal current measuring systems now employed for the continuous recording of current velocity on moored stations

Affiliated Organization
  1. July 1967 – At-sea intercomparisons in Atlantic Ocean

  2. March 1970 – At-sea intercomparisons in Atlantic Ocean on Akademik Kurchatov  

  • Continuous Current Velocity Measurements

  • Gould, W.J. and Zenk, W, 2020: The SCOR Working Group 21 Intercomparison of Recording Current Meters on R/V AKADEMIK KURCHATOV – 50 Years Later. Journal of Oceanological Research, 48(3), 31-53. Гоулд В. Джон и В. Ценк, 2020: Интеркалибровка записей измерителей океанских течений, выполненные 21-ой рабочей группы SCOR в 7-oм рейсe НИС «Aкадемик Kурчаров » – 50 лет спустя. Океанологические исследования, Том 48. No 3. С. 31–53. doi: 10.29006/1564–2291.JOR–2020.48(3).3