SCOR Working Group 68

North Atlantic Circulation

F. Schott (USA)
Other Full Members
Jorge Sarmiento (USA), Carl Wunsch (USA), D. Anderson (UK), J. Reid (USA), W. Krauss (FRG), W. Holland (USA), M.N. Koshlyakov (USSR), A. Clarke (Canada) - ICES, W.J. Gould (UK) - ICES, J. Meincke (FRG) - ICES, F. Madelain (France) - ICES, M. Saldanha (Portugal) - ICES, P. Richarson (USA) - ICES, and R. Dickson (UK) - ICES
Terms of Reference
  1. To review and prepare a summary of recent important developments in the study of the North Atlantic circulation as a basis for planning work.

  2. To identify the observational and modelling studies most relevant for an improved understanding of the circulation of water, heat and chemical tracers in the North Atlantic.

  3. To identify the meteorological data requirements for the enhancement of such studies.

  4. To facilitate the cooperation between research groups involved in studies of North Atlantic circulation.

Financial Sponsors
  • Molinari, R., K. Bryan, and F. Schott. 1985.North Atlantic Circulation. Eos 66(10):107.