SCOR Working Group 70

Remote Measurements of the Oceans from Satellites

Jim F.R. Gower (Canada)
John R. Apel (USA)
Other Full Members
Tom D. Allan (UK), Preben Gudmansen (Denmark), Klaus Hasselman (FRG), Andre Morel (France), Boris A. Nelepo (USSR), Anatoli M. Shutko (USSR), Daniel Spitzer (Netherlands), and Atsushi Takeda (Japan)
Terms of Reference
  1. To assess critically resolution and precision requirements for satellite instrumentation systems and orbital requirements to ensure adequacy of remotely sensed data for various oceanographic tasks.

  2. To review the present status of methodology and requirements for “ground truth” measurements of oceanic variables needed to assess and/or calibrate the results of measurements from satellites.

  3. To consider the most effective means of making satellite data available in useable form to working scientists.

  4. To make recommendations for coordination of traditional and satellite techniques required to optimize ocean observations.

  5. To prepare a report with recommendations taking into account the outcome of the symposium on Oceanography from Space to be held at the JOA in 1982.

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