SCOR Working Group 93

Pelagic Biogeography

Annelies Pierrot-Bults (Netherlands)
Other Full Members
M.V. Angel (UK), D. Boltovskoy (Argentina), J. Grieve (New Zealand), R.K. Johnson (USA), D. Olson (USA), M. Omori (Japan), Jorn Thiede (Germany), S. van der Spoel (Netherlands), and Peter Wiebe (USA)
Associate Members
D.C. Krause (USA), J. Reid (USA), A. Sournia (France), and M. Vinogradov (Russia)
Terms of Reference
  1. To review recent developments in biogeographic theory and their application to oceanic pelagic biogeography.

  2. To recommend new approaches to the future studies on pelagic biogeography, emphasizing the mechanisms that result in observed distribution patterns and the interactions of organisms and their physical-chemical-biological environment.

  3. To examine the possibilities of more adequate sampling techniques and the interpretation of available data and the use of existing plankton and nekton collections for biogeographical studies.

  4. To prepare a manual of existing collections as a guide to all interested scientists. These collections are of extreme importance as they reflect collections of the past, evidence of which could never be collected again.

  5. To hold appropriate workshops, followed by a second international conference on pelagic biogeography in cooperation with other interested organizations.

Financial Sponsors
  1. 6-8 November 1990
    Amsterdam, The Netherlands