SCOR Working Group 114

Transport and Reaction in Permeable Marine Sediments

Bernard Boudreau (Canada) and Markus Huettel (USA)
Other Full Members
Anton McLachlan (Sultanate of Oman), Peter Nielsen (Australia), Gary Taghon (USA), Ian Webster (Australia), Jan Marcin Weslawski (Poland), and Pat Wiberg (USA)
Associate Members
Richard A. Jahnke (USA), Jack J. Middelburg (The Netherlands), Carolyn E. Oldham (Australia), Frank Sansone (USA), and Bjørn Sundby (Canada)
Terms of Reference
  1. Attempt to identify reactions and transport phenomena likely to be important in the different marine environments that contain permeable sediments, that is, beach, inter-tidal, subtidal, and shelf environments.

  2. Suggest sampling schemes and devices for the measurement of both biogeochemical variables (e.g., solute and suspended matter concentrations and fluxes) and flow velocities and their patterns in permeable sediments from different environments.

  3. Explore the development of models for the description of reaction and transport in permeable sediments and their implementation into standardized “user-friendly” codes.

  4. Encourage the participation of the marine science community in research on permeable sediments by organizing a special meeting/symposium or a special session at one of the front-line international scientific conferences.

  5. Publish the best of the submitted papers, along with review articles by the WG members, in a broadly read journal.

  6. Determine if the study of reaction and transport in permeable sediments would be significantly enhanced by the development of a coordinated international research program (as has been done for carbon cycling with JGOFS), or if this goal would be better served by an enhanced presence in an existing program, such as LOICZ.

Financial Sponsors
U.S. National Science Foundation, SCOR
  1. 15-17 January 2001 in Honolulu, Hawaii, USA