SCOR Working Group 115

Standards for the Survey and Analysis of Plankton

Ivan Heaney (UK)
Other Full Members
Percy Donaghay (USA), Graham Hosie (Australia), Carmen Morales Van de Wyngard (Chile), K.K.C. Nair (India), Philip C. Reid (UK), Tamara Shiganova (Russia), Song Sun (China-Beijing), Svein Sundby (Norway), and Hans Verheye (South Africa)
Associate Members
Juha Flinkman (Finland) and Erica Head (Canada)
Terms of Reference
  1. To review the present methods of collection, analysis, and curation of plankton samples by agencies involved with time-series measurements and the uses that are made of the data.

  2. To overview the different instrumental approaches to measuring plankton, identify improvements that can be made to sampling strategies and make recommendations on how instruments can be improved and integrated with direct plankton sampling systems for calibration.

  3. To establish a strict methodology for inter-comparison/calibration of different sampling systems.

  4. To recommend a standard package of additional measurements that should be taken in association with plankton surveys to enhance the resulting products and assess logistical requirements, identify improvements that could be made in existing instrumentation for use in or attached to towed bodies for plankton survey.

  5. To encourage the use of the products of long-established surveys and the application of new strategies for large-scale and long-term sampling of zooplankton by organising an international symposium. Publish the products of reviews by members of the working group, selected presented papers and workshop reports in an internationally recognised, peer-reviewed journal or SCOR-sponsored book.

October 1999
Financial Sponsors
U.S. National Science Foundation, SCOR
  1. 16-17 February 2002 in Honolulu, Hawaii, USA

  2. 14-16 November 2003 in Concepción, Chile

  3. Symposium: 19-20 May 2006 in Plymouth, UK