SCOR Working Group 120

Marine Phytoplankton and Global Climate Regulation: The Phaeocystis spp. Cluster as a Model

Winfried W.C. Gieskes (The Netherlands) and Sauveur Belviso (France)
Other Full Members
Dileep Kumar (India), Christiane Lancelot (Belgium), Gillian Malin (UK), Harvey Marchant (Australia), Linda Medlin (Germany), Yu-Zao Qi (China-Beijing), Peter Verity (USA), and Paul Wassmann (Norway)
Associate Members
Greg Ayers (Australia), Marie-Joseph Chrétiennot-Dinet (France), Albert Gabric (Australia), Ronald Kiene (USA), M. Madhupratap (India), Walker O. Smith (USA), Jacquiline Stefels (Netherlands), Marcel J.W. Veldhuis (Netherlands), Maria Vernet (USA), and Ingrid Zondervan (Germany)
Terms of Reference
  1. Establish a Web site to facilitate coordination of ongoing research worldwide, to create cohesion of efforts.

  2. Make an inventory of aspects that relate to cycling of biogeochemically relevant elements. These aspects are

    • Factors regulating bloom inception
    • The grazing issue: bottom-up or top-down control
    • Cellular response to environmental factors
    • Distribution patterns: molecular-biological approaches
    • Genetics: pathways of distribution and biodiversity in the cluster
    • Emission of climate-relevant biogenic gases, and relevance for climate regulation
    • Cloud inception and characterisation of condensation nuclei over blooms
    • Sensitivity of climate models for presence of plankton, in casu the Phaeocystis cluster
  3. Meet once a year to discuss progress, and divide tasks to arrive at a series of chapters produced under the responsibility of members of the Working Group.

  4. In the last year, write a series of reviews covering the subjects mentioned under Term of Reference #2, which will be the chapters of a book that will be produced as the product of the Working Group. At least two Working Group members will be responsible for each chapter.

October 2000
Financial Sponsors
SCOR, U.S. National Science Foundation
  1. 3-7 March 2002 in Norwich, UK

  2. 1-4 May 2003 in Savannah, Georgia, USA

  3. 30 August-3 September 2005 in Haren, the Netherlands