SCOR Working Group 134

The Microbial Carbon Pump in the Ocean

See also, SCOR Ocean Carbon Working Groups.

Nianzhi Jiao (China-Beijing) and Farooq Azam (USA)
Other Full Members
Xosé Antón Álvarez-Salgado (Spain), Chen-Tung Arthur Chen (China-Taipei), Dennis Hansell (USA), Gerhard Herndl (Netherlands), Gerhard Kattner (Germany), Michal Koblížek (Czech Republic), Colin Stedmon (Denmark), and Markus Weinbauer (France)
Associate Members
Ronald Benner (USA), Craig Carlson (USA), Feng Chen (USA), Sang-jin Kim (Korea), David Kirchman (USA), Louis Legendre (France), Ingrid Obernosterer (France), Nagappa Ramaiah (India), Carol Robinson (UK), Richard Sempere (France), Christian Tamburini (France), Helmuth Thomas (Canada), Steven Wilhem (USA), Yongfu Xu (China-Beijing), Meixun Zhao (China-Beijing), Jizhong Zhou (USA), and Susan Ziegler (Canada)
Terms of Reference
  1. Summarize representative microbial data on biomass, production and diversity of functional groups (AAPB, CFB, Roseobacter, Archaea) and overall microbial communities, as well as DOC data focusing on the context of RDOC dynamics along environmental gradients (productivity/temperature/salinity gradient such as estuarine to oceanic waters); Establish the current state of knowledge about microbial processes that produce RDOC at the expense of DOC, and identify essential scientific questions regarding microbial carbon pump to be addressed in the future;

  2. Assess the available techniques for quantifying microbial functional groups and demonstrating the bioreactivity of marine DOC, document state-of-the-art techniques and parameters addressing microbial processing of organic carbon, and establish/standardize key protocols for the essential observation/measurements;

  3. Convene International Workshop(s) and publish a special volume in an internationally recognized peer-reviewed journal, or a protocol book (practical handbook) by a major publisher on measurements of the key parameters related to microbial processing of carbon in the ocean.

  4. Make recommendations for future research related to the microbial carbon pump in the ocean, toward development of a large-scale interdisciplinary research project.

October 2008
Financial Sponsors
NSF, SCOR, Xiamen University
  1. 27-30 October 2009 in Xiamen, China

  2. 18-20 February 2011 in San Juan, Puerto Rico

  3. 26-28 August 2012 in Delmenhorst, Germany