Building Capacity in Physical Chemistry Methods, Measurements and Modelling for Chemical Oceanography

Dear SCOR Community,
Please find at the following link a document providing information about an initiative to build capacity in the boundary area between physical chemistry and marine chemistry: LINK.
This initiative is closely related to past SCOR WG 145 Modelling Chemical Speciation in Seawater to Meet 21st Century Needs (MARCHEMSPEC) and current SCOR project the Joint Committee on Seawater’s (SCOR/IAPWS/IAPSO) taskgroup on chemical speciation.
To express your interest in a potential workshop and provide feedback on ideas summarised in the document, you can either answer the following survey ( or email to:
Heather Benway (Ocean Carbon & Biogeochemistry Project Office, Woods Hole Oceanographic Inst., or
Simon Clegg (Joint Committee on the Properties of Seawater, Task Group on Chemical Speciation, Univ. East Anglia,