SCOR Working Group 124

Analyzing the Links Between Present Oceanic Processes and Paleo-Records (LINKS)

Karin Lochte (Germany) and Marie-Alexandrine Sicre (France)
Other Full Members
Frank Dehairs (Belgium), Roger François (Canada), Raja S. Ganeshram (UK), Alan Kemp (UK), Carina Lange (Chile), Renate Scharek (Spain), Dieter Wolf-Gladrow (Germany), and Ein Fen Yu (China-Taipei)
Associate Members
Fatima Abrantes (Portugal), Robert Anderson (USA), Tim Baumgartner (Mexico), Jelle Bijma (Germany), Marcia Caruso Bicego (Brazil), Christina De La Rocha (UK), Jacques Giraudeau (France), Corrine Le Quéré (Germany), Ulysses S. Ninnemann (Norway), Frederic Partensky (France), Carles Pedros-Alio (Spain), Aldo Shemesh (Israel), Alexander A. Vetrov (Russia), and Richard Zeebe (Germany)
Terms of Reference
  1. Use the new insights gained from contemporary ocean biogeochemical studies to identify or refine our understanding of key oceanic processes and develop or improve proxies for these processes for subsequent use in paleoceanographic studies.

  2. Refine established proxies, provide mechanistic understanding and foster the development of new proxies within integrated multidisciplinary process studies in the modern ocean.

  3. Use proxy evidence from the sedimentary records to test hypotheses of the oceanic response to climate change.

September 2003
Financial Sponsors
SCOR, IMAGES, U.S. National Science Foundation