SCOR Working Group 112

Magnitude of Submarine Groundwater Discharge and its Influence on Coastal Oceanographic Processes

Bill Burnett (USA) and Evgeny Kontar (Russia)
Other Full Members
Georgia Destouni (Sweden), Toshitaka Gamo (Japan), Williard Moore (USA), Bob Buddemeier (USA), Aldo da Cunha Reboucas (Brazil), Klaus-Peter Seller (Germany), Makato Taniguchi (Japan), and Igor S. Zektser (Russia)
Associate Members
Henry Bokuniewicz (USA), Jeffrey Chanton (USA), Gerry Jacobson (USA), June Oberdorfer (USA), Leslie Smith (Canada), B.L.K. Somayajulu (India), Luigi Tulipano (Italy), and Jaye Cable (USA)
Terms of Reference
  1. To review and assess deficiencies in our knowledge concerning the magnitude of fluxes of submarine groundwater discharges (SGD).

  2. To define the existing methods and tools useful for measurement of groundwater fluxes to the coastal zone.

  3. To examine the possibility of using a typological approach to assess SGD over broad areas.

  4. To review and assess the chemical (nutrients, pollutants) consequences of SGD and to suggest follow-up studies of the physical and ecological consequences.

  5. To prepare a series of manuscripts for a special issue of an international journal that will describe the “Influence of Submarine Groundwater Discharge on Coastal Marine Processes.”

  6. To prepare a final report to SCOR within four years and an interim report on the first term of reference within two years.

Financial Sponsors
U.S. National Science Foundation, SCOR
  1. 24 November-8 December 2000 in Perth, Western Australia

  2. 11-15 June 2001 in Sicily, Italy