SCOR Working Group 66

Oceanic Application of Drifting Buoys

G. Creswell (Australia)
Other Full Members
D. James Baker (USA), J. Garrett (Canada), D. Hansen (USA), F. Madelain (France), James C. McWilliams (USA), J. Meincke (FRG), William Patzert (USA), P.M. Saunders (UK), and C. Stavropoulos (South Africa)
Terms of Reference
  1. Review and summarize technological and scientific programs in the use of drifting buoys.

  2. Identify the technological problems with the highest priority for further investigation.

  3. Identify opportunities for coordination of experimental programmes using drifting buoys, and recommend mechanisms for coordination.

  4. Prepare to respond to the needs of other agencies, either by providing advice as requested, or by identifying and recommending more appropriate avenues.

  5. Consider methods for archiving and the international exchange of drifting buoy data.

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