SCOR Working Group 86

Ecology of Sea Ice

Stephen Ackley (USA)
Other Full Members
G. Dieckmann (Germany), B. Gulliksen (Norway), R. Horner (USA), T. Hoshiai (Japan), Louis Legendre (Canada), I. Melnikov (Russia), William Reeburgh (USA), and M. Spindler (Germany)
Terms of Reference
  1. To review the present knowledge of sea ice biology in arctic and antarctic regions and relate it to the physical and chemical properties of the various types of sea ice.

  2. To review methods of sampling, in situ observations as well as experiments in the field and in the laboratory, with the aim to compare varioous ways and means of estimating abundance, respiration, production, and trophic relationships in ice communities.

  3. To explore the desirability and feasibility of cooperative multidisciplinary studies

  4. To plan a workshop on biological sea ice studies.

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