SCOR Working Group 46

River Inputs to Ocean Systems

D. Lal (India) - 1974-1979, J.D. Burton - 1982
Other Full Members
1974-1979: J.D. Burton, Roger Chesselet, J.A. da Costa, D. Eisma, E. Eriksson, F. Fournier, A.L.H. Gameson, V.V. Gordeev J.-M. Martin, S.O. Stanley, P.N. Storrs, Karl K. Turekian, and A. Walton 1982: D. Eisma, V.V. Gordeev, R.F.C. Mantoura, J.-M. Martin, J.P. O'Kane, Jeff Richey, S. Stanley, and Karl K. Turekian
Associate Members
Lutz Brugmann (GDR) and C.D. Vara (Argentina)
Terms of Reference
  1. 1974-1979: How do river water and its sediment load acquire their chemical qualities in response to climatic, geological and cultural factors?

  2. 1974-1979: What transformations occur when a river meets the sea?

  3. 1974-1979: What is the ultimate flux of constituents to the open  ocean via river systems?

  4. 1982: To review and evaluate knowledge of (a) factors which govern the input of materials by rivers to estuaries, and (b) the estuarine processes which modify the composition and flux of materials entering the ocean, including substances influenced by human activities.

  5. 1982: To identify priorities for further work in this area, including the accurate estimation of river fluxes, and to promote international   co-operation in the study of river-estuary-ocean systems.

Financial Sponsors
Affiliated Organization
  1. 24-27 June 1974 in Paris, France
  2. 24-26 March 1975 in New Haven, Connecticut, USA

  3. March 1979 – RIOS Workshop