SCOR Working Group 80

Role of Phase Transfer Processes in the Cycling of Trace Metals in Estuaries

M. Whitfield (UK)
Other Full Members
J.D. Burton (UK), Tom Church (USA), J.C. Duinket (FRG), W. Gordeev (USSR), Keith Hunter (New Zealand), J.M. Martin (France), B.L.K. Somayajulu (India), Rolland Wollast (Belgium), and J.M. Wood (USA)
Terms of Reference
  1. To define the most useful properties for the characterization of the geochemical reactivity of estuarine particulates, especially the surface properties of binding sites, and to recommend methods to measure these properties.

  2. To evaluate the state of knowledge of particle/water reactions for key metals under the range of conditions encountered in estuarine waters and sediments.

  3. To recommend appropriate experimental and theoretical research needed to further develop models of particle/water interactions able to predict the behaviour of trace metals in different regimes.

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