SCOR Working Group 92

Ocean/Atmosphere Palaeochemistry

Eric T. Sundquist (USA)
Other Full Members
Y.A. Bogdanov (USSR), Edward Boyle (USA), J.C. Duplessy (France), E. Maier-Reimer (FRG), D. McCorkle (USA), J. McKenzie (Switzerland), Thomas F. Pedersen (Canada), Nick Shackleton (UK), and J.R. Toggweiler (USA)
Terms of Reference
  1. To study past chemical interactions – particularly carbon-cycle interactions – between the oceans and atmosphere over time scales of 103 to 106 years.

  2. To organize and publish the results of a meeting on the palaeoceanographic implications of ice core records.

  3. To assess and recommend improved methods for stratigraphic correlation of marine and ice core records, and for the development of appropriate time-dependent models of the carbon cycle on 103 to 106 year time scales.

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