Current SCOR Working Groups

Working groups are usually formed of not more than 10 members to deliberate on a narrowly focused topic and develop a publication for the primary scientific literature. Their work is intended to be completed in 4 years or less.

Group Title Chair(s) Reporter
WG 135 Hydrothermal Energy Transfer and its Impact on the Ocean Carbon Cycles (with InterRidge) Christopher German (USA) and Nadine Le Bris (France)


WG 138 Modern Planktic Foraminifera and Ocean Changes (with IGBP) Gerald Ganssen (The Netherlands) and Michal Kucera (Germany) Corina Brussaard
WG 139 Organic Ligands – A Key Control on Trace Metal Biogeochemistry in the Ocean Sylvia Sander (New Zealand), Kristen Buck (USA), and Maeve Lohan (UK) Colin Devey
WG 141 Sea-Surface Microlayers Michael Cunliffe (UK) and Oliver Wurl (Germany) Peter Burkill
WG 142 Quality Control Procedures for Oxygen and Other Biogeochemical Sensors on Floats and Gliders Arne Körtzinger (Germany) and Ken Johnson (USA) Peter Burkill
WG 143 Dissolved N2O and CH4 measurements Hermann Bange (Germany) and Sam Wilson (USA) John Turner
WG 144 Microbial Community Responses to Ocean Deoxygenation Bess Ward (USA) Patricia Miloslavich
WG 145 Chemical Speciation Modelling in Seawater to Meet 21st Century Needs (MARCHEMSPEC)

David Turner (Sweden)
Sylvia Sander (New Zealand)
Simon Clegg (UK)

Marie-Alexandrine Sicre
WG 146 Radioactivity in the Ocean, 5 decades later (RiO5) Ken Buesseler (USA)
Minhan Dai (China-Beijing)
WG 147 Towards comparability of global oceanic nutrient data (COMPONUT) Michio Aoyama (Japan)
Malcolm Woodward (UK)
Marie-Alexandrine Sicre
WG 148 International Quality Controlled Ocean Database: Subsurface temperature profiles (IQuOD)

Catia Domingues (Australia)
Matthew Palmer (UK)

Sergey Shapovalov
WG 149 Changing Ocean Biological Systems (COBS): how will biota respond to a changing ocean? Philip Boyd (Australia) Patricia Miloslavich
WG 150 Translation of Optical Measurements into particle Content, Aggregation & Transfer (TOMCAT) Sari Giering (UK) Peter Burkill
WG 151 Iron Model Intercomparison Project (FeMIP)

Alessandro Tagliabue (UK)
Stephanie Dutkiewicz (USA)

Colin Devey
WG 152 Measuring Essential Climate Variables in Sea Ice (ECV-Ice) Daiki Nomura (Japan)
François Fripiat (Belgium)
Brent Else (Canada)
John Turner
WG 153 Floating Litter and its Oceanic TranSport Analysis and Modelling (FLOTSAM) Stefano Aliani (Italy) Denise Smythe-Wright
WG 154 Integration of Plankton-Observing Sensor Systems to Existing Global Sampling Programs (P-OBS)

Emmanuel Boss (USA)
Anya Waite (Germany)

Patricia Miloslavich
WG 155 Eastern boundary upwelling systems (EBUS): diversity, coupled dynamics and sensitivity to climate change

Ruben Escribano (Chile)
Ivonne Montes (Peru)

David Halpern