SCOR Working Group 161

Respiration in the Mesopelagic Ocean (ReMO): Reconciling ecological, biogeochemical and model estimates

Carol Robinson (UK), Iris Kriest (Germany), Javier Arístegui (Spain)
Other Full Members
Matthieu Bressac (Australia), Gerhard Herndl (Austria / The Netherlands), Morten Iversen (Germany), Hyung Jeek Kim (Korea), Jack Middelburg (The Netherlands), Natalia Osma (Chile), Ying Wu (China)
Associate Members
X.A. Alvarez-Salgado (Spain), Haimanti Biswas (India), Giorgio Dall'Olmo (UK), Katja Fennel (Canada), Sara Ferrón (USA), Raquel Flynn (South Africa), Dominique Lefevre (France), Toshi Nagata (Japan), Christian Tamburini (France), Yao Zhang (China)
Charlotte Laufkoetter
Terms of Reference
  1. Identify, quantify and prioritise gaps in our knowledge, and prepare an action plan to reduce these gaps by reviewing available information on mesopelagic respiration.

  2. Develop a global dataset of mesopelagic respiration estimates, derived from the range of ecological and biogeochemical techniques available, in order to create a resource for validation of biogeochemical models including Earth System Models used for climate projection.

  3. Produce a new synthesis of open ocean mesopelagic respiration.

  4. Produce a best practice manual of techniques and approaches to determine mesopelagic respiration, and make recommendations as to which is the most appropriate method or combination of methods for a particular application, including best practice on how to reconcile approaches across time and space scales.

  5. Build capacity, share knowledge and transfer technical skills, particularly to scientists in developing nations.

October 2020
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