SCOR Working Group 160

Analysing ocean turbulence observations to quantify mixing (ATOMIX)

Microstructure turbulence measurements with an MSS90L (Sea & Sun Technology) during the MOSAiC campaign. Image credit: Lisa Grosfeld, Alfred Wegener Institute.
Cynthia Bluteau (Canada), Ilker Fer (Norway), Yueng-Djern Lenn (UK)
Other Full Members
Peter Holtermann (Germany), Arnaud LeBoyer (USA), Zhiyu Liu (China), Amelie Meyer (Australia), Rolf Lueck (Canada), Craig Stevens (New Zealand), Danielle Wain (USA)
Associate Members
Marcus Dengler (Germany), Jenson George (India), Justin McMillan (Germany), Sarah Nicholson (South Africa), Kristin Schulz (Germany)
Trevor McDougall
Terms of Reference
  1. Develop best practices for acquiring and processing turbulence observations collected from conventional and emerging autonomous platforms, which measure velocity or velocity gradients.

  2. Establish an open-access database of benchmark datasets collected in diverse ocean environments via different measurement techniques. These raw datasets will be accompanied by agreed- upon “best” processed s estimates to enable validating data processing algorithms irrespective of programming language.

  3. Develop quality control measures and guidelines for publishing and archiving turbulence quantities computed from velocity or velocity gradients.

  4. Build capacity by creating a collaborative, living wiki-platform that consolidates knowledge on processing of turbulence observations, both from existing and future technologies, as they become available.

October 2020
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