SCOR Visiting Scholars Program

SCOR began a program in 2009 to enlist the services of ocean scientists, from both developed countries and developing countries, to teach short courses and to provide more extended on-site education and mentorship at developing country institutions.

This program is open to any scientists who have time available to spend teaching and mentoring in a developing country for two weeks or more. The scholarships are not intended to conduct joint research, although such research may develop as an outcome of a visit.

Hosting visiting scientists can have many benefits to host institutions, such as inspiring, motivating, and informing students and faculty, and leading to future collaborations between the visiting scientist and the host institution. The program is a partnership, with the host institution providing local accommodation and SCOR paying for airfares and other local expenses, as necessary. The participating scientists donate their time. Applicants should already have selected a host institution, but SCOR may potentially help identify hosts before the application is made.

Funding for the program is derived from the U.S. National Science Foundation, national SCOR committees, and crowdfunding

In 2013, the Global magazine of the University of Delaware included an article about the activities of Visiting Scholar Kurt Hanselmann (Switzerland, 2010 and 2011) in Namibia, which later grew into a Research Discovery Camp.